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FarSight Studios puts up a Kickstarter project to bring the Twilight Zone table to Pinball Arcade

There are two major Pinball platforms on Android, Zen Pinball and Pinball Arcade. While Zen Pinball and their developers, Zen Studios, create tables from scratch and are themed in various manners like with all the Marvel based tables they have, Pinball Arcade is the faithful digital recreations of actual physical Pinball tables you used to play on in the arcade back in the day.

Well FarSight Studios wants to bring another table for all of you Pinball fans to play on and it happens to be one of the best and highly rated tables from back in the day. So what table is it? The Twilight Zone which, from my experience with it, certainly earns the top marks it has received even after all this time. To bring the Twilight Zone table to Pinball Arcade on every platform including Android, Farsight Studios needs the proper licensing which is the reason behind the Kickstarter project.

FarSight Studios is looking for $55,000 in funding for licensing of The Twilight Zone so they can bring it to their Pinball Arcade platform. Currently the project has already surpassed the halfway mark with just over $28.8K in funding and it still has 26 days to go so it looks like funding will be easily successful.

Thanks to Adam for the tip!

Website Referenced: Kickstarter

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