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Hit retro shooter Battle Squadron One gets a free lite version; full version 50% off also

Developers of the mobile version of one of the best shooter games from back in the day have released a new free lite version of said game. Battle Squadron One now have a free lite version, which features the entire Part 1 of the game including the whole surface level, for players to try out before buying the full version.

Battle Squadron One is also noted to be the first split-screen shooter game for Android as well meaning you and a friend can play a 2-player game of Battle Squadron One on the same tablet. Unfortunately the split-screen feature isn’t available for phone for obvious reasons.

If you end up enjoying the new free lite version, Cope-Com has put up the full version with all four chapters of Battle Squadron One up for sale for $1.98 which is 50% off of the regular price. Good time to snap up this retro shooter if you enjoy these types of games.

Google Play Link: Battle Squadron (FREE)

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