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Incredible Castle arrives bringing match-3 gameplay with a twist

There is no shortage of match-3 style puzzle games on the Google Play store so when a new one comes along that offers something a little different than the average match-3 puzzle game, we enjoy pointing it out. Such is the case with Incredible App’s new game appropriately named Incredible Castle.

Incredible Castle is a puzzle / strategy game where you will be building your castle and defending it against monsters. However, everything is done in a match-3 puzzle style of gaming so  matching 3 or more building tiles helps you upgrade your buildings and advancing your civilization while you try to fend off monsters.

Incredible Castle Features:

– Match 3 or more tiles to upgrade your buildings and advance your civilization, collect bonuses and build the best village of the realm. You can make it!
– Plan your constructions carefully to create magnificent buildings and avoid running out of building space!
– Build temples to access the power of the Mighty Thunder, and upgrade them to face your enemies with powerful thunderstorms.
– Get rid of the monsters that stand in the way of completing your plans!
– Collect coins and use them to buy new, exclusive buildings. Make your village special, unique, outstanding and colorful!
– Share your achievements with your friends and invite them to compete and create their own Incredible Castle!

As you can tell from how we have said the game plays out and the features list above, this isn’t your typical match-3 game. In fact a lot of strategy comes into play since you have to plan your moves carefully so you can upgrade your buildings at a decent rate while fending off the monsters who happen to be interested in invading your little kingdom.

Yes, the match-3 genre has gotten tired and stale so it is nice to see something different. If you are interested in giving Incredible Castle a whirl, you can download it off of the Google Play store for free and get to building your kingdom.

Developer Website: Incredible App

Google Play Link: Incredible Castle

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