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Spacetime Studios gets a new trademark, Arcane Legends their next title?

Well it appears that the possible fourth game that will be coming from Spacetime Studios is going to be called Arcane Legends. This information is thanks to a trademark filed on April 5th, 2012 and accepted on May 10th, 2012 by Spacetime Studios for the name Arcane Legends.

Considering that one of the categories the trademark is filed under is “electronic game software for cellular telephones”, it is a safe bet that this game will come to us in the same fashion as Spacetime Studios other three titles. Will this be their forth game? Well that remains to be seen considering that there are rumors from before Star Legends was released that their forth title would be a western themed MMORPG for mobile.

However, even with the western themed rumors floating around, it still seems that Arcane Legends will in fact be their forth title as Spacetime Studios is set to release an official statement later this week about Arcane Legends. For right now though we have zero details about what this game could entail.

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