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Gree’s social gaming platform goes global in newly launched open beta

GREE, who acquired OpenFeint last year and are currently one of the three major social gaming platforms in Asia, have gone worldwide with the launching of an open beta today. This launch has been in the works now for some time, since last year, when they announced plans for expanding outside of the Asian market.

This is a bit of a double-edged sword depending on how you look at it. GREE’s platform will fully launch sometime in Q2 2012 and will focus on helping developers create free-to-play games with the tools they provide as well as integration into the GREE social gaming platform. Great news if you are a developer or a gamer who loves free-to-play games. Bad news if you are a gamer who hates free-to-play titles as you can expect more coming your way soon.

The platform offers up an API suite with plenty of tools such as social viral tools, plus user invite, request and share services. This is all to drive higher installs and user engagement in titles released on the GREE Platform. When the platform fully launches in Q2 2012 it will arrive in full force sporting around 60 titles for you to sift through.

If you are a developer interested in getting on board now, the SDK is available as a free download from the official website linked below.

Developer Website: GREE Platform

Website Referenced: Gamasutra

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