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Justice finally arrives as Android scam app developer is fined £50,000

Finally a little justice has arrived legit Android game developers that should make some of the tools who keep making fake scam apps of popular Android games second guess whether it is a good idea to go through with their plans. This is thanks to one Android scam app developer getting fined £50,000 according to a report by the BBC.

This particular Latvian app developer has been fined the £50,000 for making fake scam Angry Birds and Cut The Rope games. This unnamed developer has also be told to pay £28,000 to the victims of their scam app as well. This is the first time ay sort of fine or action of this nature has happened in the mobile gaming industry and hopefully it won’t be the last.

The developer who has been issued the fine has had their apps removed from the Google Play store although the name they were operating on has not been released yet. Their apps, however, were fake ones that, when opened, would sign them up for premium text messages that a user would then be charged £5 per message.

Every major game release recently has been riddled with the same problem where these morons make fake apps of upcoming games. It has happened to Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and many more. Temple Run saw a plethora of them made. Hopefully this gives other ‘developers’ something to think about before going down this road of fake scam apps.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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