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Minecraft: Pocket Edition – What will the next update bring

So lots of talk going on these days over on the Minecraft forums about what will possibly be included in the next update. So far we know, thanks to a Q & A session on TwitchTV, that one of the priorities is to bring furnaces into the game.

Furnaces entering Minecraft: Pocket Edition would also open up a lot more blocks although Mojang could limit those accessible at first when Furnaces arrive. Other than Furnaces though it is only rumors right now as to what will be heading over to the game in the next update.

One thing Mojang has been testing is multiplayer of 3G/4G/WiFi. Now not to get everyone excited but that could be the start of true multiplayer although it still could be a few updates before that happens. More mobs like Creepers is a definite possibility and was even hinted at already.

So for now we can consider the next update to include Furnaces, more blocks (obviously craftable ones through the Furnace) and possibly more mobs. What would you like to see in the next update? Leave a comment and let us know!

Website Referenced: Minecraft Forums

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