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nVidia planning on having 30 Tegra 3 based devices this year

More Tegra 3 news this afternoon after General Manager Mike Rayfield told analysts that there will be 30 quad-core Android phones this year. Currently there have been two phones released? So with 28 more to go, there should be a nice selection for everyone.

To round off this news though is the fact that half (15) of those Tegra 3 phones are supposedly going to be below the $200 price point when they land on shelves. This looks to be a direct effect of nVidia’s now low-cost Kai platform we reported on yesterday. Kai is supposed to allow manufacturers to build Tegra 3 quad-core Android devices for low-cost which will, in turn, keep the finished devices below the $200 price.

So when will all of these devices come out? Well the year is almost half over so we should start seeing more Tegra 3 devices coming to light at a rather rapid pace in the second half of this year if nVidia truly does have a plan to have 30 devices.

Website Referenced: Android Central

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