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Kings Can Fly is an upcoming puzzle game with airships and wind

Firedroid, developers of the rather successful Barrr game on Android, are currently developing a new puzzle game called Kings Can Fly. This new puzzle game involves airships and the use of wind to complete each stage, all rendered in 3D graphics.

Kings Can Fly is a unique concept as you will be using wind to get your airships from the starting point in each map to the end point. This is done by building various fans to propel your airships along in the direction you want them to go. You’ll have to deal with sharp spiked gates, mountain ranges and other obstacles to get around, or over, in order to reach the end safely with all the airships.

When this game launches it will have over 60 levels already with more in development for future updates. Of course as you progress through each stage they will get increasingly more difficult to successfully complete.

So far there is no word on pricing or when exactly the game will be released but after watching the preview trailer below, it looks like we won”t have to wait long to play Kings Can Fly. It looks so far like a very promising puzzle game.

Developer Website: Firedroid

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