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Mass Effect Infiltrator on sale for 30% off during Memorial Day Weekend

EA’s latest release for the Android platform is now on sale for this Memorial Day Weekend. Mass Effect Infiltrator is currently available on the Google Play store for $4.99 which is 30% off of the regular $6.99 price.

For those of you who missed our previous post announcing the game’s release the other day, Mass Effect Infiltrator is a special mobile version of the Mass Effect 3 game which expands on the storyline. This part of the storyline is exclusive to mobile devices (iOS and Android) and even features some tie-ins such as being able to upload your intel through the Galaxy at War system into Mass Effect 3 which will improve your Galactic Readiness Rating. Also when you complete Mass Effect Infiltrator, you will also get a one-off war asset which will help you actually complete the Mass Effect 3 console game.

For more complete details about Mass Effect Infiltrator, check out our announcement post from when the game dropped onto the Google Play store. If you haven’t picked up this very well done and beautifully rendered addition to the Mass Effect universe, now is a great time to do it. The sale lasts for this weekend only though and once again, just to remind everyone, it is 450MB is size so be sure to have the space free.

Google Play Links: Mass Effect Infiltrator (North America) | Mass Effect infiltrator (International)

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