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The Because We May indie Android game sale expands to over 90 titles

The ridiculously awesome Because We May indie Android game sale has expanded its catalog with a lot more games. When we last wrote about the sale when it started on May 24th, 2012 it was already sporting 57 great indie games for Android that had been discounted. Now the sale has expanded to include over 90 games!

The list of games is so ling now (91 to be exact) that listing all of them here would make for a very long article. You can check out the list for the 57 we knew about when the sale started by check out our previous article. Some titles to consider that were just added are:

– Appartatus
– Gloomy Dungeons 3D
– Spectral Souls
– Sentinel 3: Homeworld
– IronShip

Of course there are plenty more to check out and all of them seem to be at least 50% off. The sale ends June 1st, 2012 so you have plenty of time to check out all of the games and pick up the ones you want.

Website Referenced: Android Police

Official Website: Because We May

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