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The Fighting Fantasy choose your own adventure book series is coming to Android

A lot of us used to read (and play) these choose your own adventure books back in the 1980’s in a series called Fighting Fantasy. For those of you not familiar with what these are, these were fantasy themed books where you would read through the book flipping to different parts of the book based on the choices you make in the adventure.

For instance if you were reading the book and were presented with two choices in a path, go left or go right, depending on your choice you would flip to page 10 or page 23 and continue on with the journey. Fighting Fantasy was one of the first series to go mainstream with the choose your own adventure books.

Originally these books were written by two British writers, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and the series is now slated for release on both Android and iOS thanks to a deal with Tin Man Games, the developers behind the recently released choose your own adventure game Gamebook Adventures 1: An Assassin in Orlandes. Just like Steven Jackson and Ian Livingstone can be considered the first masters of the choose your own adventure books, Tin Man Games can be considered the master of the new age digital versions of these types of books.

All of Tin Man Games Gamebook Adventures titles are very interactive where you are essentially playing an RPG with your character having stats that you can upgrade and actual physics-based 3D dice rolling. However, the Fighting Fantasy book that is heading to Android and iOS won’t just be a digital remake of a current book but a completely new addition to the series called Blood of the Zombies. What makes this whole project even better is that this new book for mobile is being written by Ian Livingstone himself.

“I almost forgot how much fun it is to write a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, especially designing fiendish ways of luring readers down the wrong path! When I started writing Blood of the Zombies I wasn’t sure whether I should be aiming it at the 10 year-old readers of 1982 or the 40 year-olds they are now, not to mention the young adults of today! But it has been a lot of fun, and the positive comments I received from people whilst writing it really spurred me on. I hope Blood of the Zombies is a worthy addition to the series.” said Ian Livingstone.

However, the dynamic duo that are Fighting Fantasy and Gamebook Adventures are not planning on just one release but two of them. Word is already out that the second release between these two groups is the classic 1984 House of Hell Fighting Fantasy book.

We do have a bit of a wait though before we can get our hands on the first release, Blood of the Zombies, which isn’t slated for release on Android and iOS till August 2012. Blood of the Zombies will be release in physical book form as well at that time. No word just yet on pricing.

Developer Website: Tin Man Games

Website Referenced: Gamezebo

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