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ViewSonic begins teasing their upcoming 22-inch Android 4.0 tablet

Back during CES 2012 Toshiba busted out a rather large 13″ Android tablet that, for the most part, was mostly just a concept product at the time. The 13″ Toshiba Excite tablet at the time was the biggest Android tablet until now. ViewSonic has begun teasing a new 22″ Android tablet that will be coming with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0).

While this tablet is being showcased as something more along the lines of a product for businesses, gaming and watching videos on a tablet this size would be pretty amazing considering it would essentially be like holding a small flatscreen TV in your hands. That description is pretty much what ViewSonic is throwing around for this 22″ tablet, stating that it is a “smart business tablet monitor” with Android 4.0 nicely packaged inside of it.

Details about this 22″ juggernaut are still pretty scare more will be coming our way on June 5th when the tablet is slated for debut at Computex in Taipei. According to Engadget though, there is another announcement coming in a couple of week that could be for the largest mainstream tablet yet.

Website Referenced: Engadget

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