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Asus teases new Transformer line during Computex 2012

Asus makes some of the best Android tablets around. In addition to their quality, the Transformer tablets also carry pretty decent price tags. If you’re thinking about purchasing the Transformer Prime or even the Transformer Pad 300, you may want to wait until Computex 2012 is over. It’s there that Asus will debut a new addition or additions to the Transformer family.

Asus released a teaser video on YouTube today that starts by asking us to not “get set into one form. Adapt it and build your own.” The Transformer tablets are known for their ability to dock with keyboards, and the Padfone takes things a step further by connecting to the PadFone Station tablet attachment. The teaser also mentions how the cloud is changing “beyond time and boundaries.” This all sounds like marketing speak, but the end of the video is much clearer.

The “next transformations” will debut at Computex 2012 which runs from June 5-9. Asus’ video tells us to get ready on May 31. We’re expecting to see something other than the PadFone and the Transformer Pad Infinity. Check out the video in all its corny glory and see if you can spot something interesting.

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