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Asus is strongly hinting at creating a tablet that runs Android and Windows

Earlier this week, Asus put out a teaser video that basically told us to expect the next line of Transformer products at Computex 2012. The video also told us to prepare ourselves for May 31. Well, May 31 is today, and Asus is coming very close to blowing our minds with a device that is half Android and half Windows.

The most recent teaser video shows droplets of water that once separated, reveal the respective logos for Android and Windows 8. The video ends with the tagline “All-in-One is no longer in one.” A second video ends with the phrase “When two sides unite.” Asus may be strongly suggesting their next product will be a device that can boot to either Android or Windows 8. If this turns out to be true, it can be game changing.

This isn’t the first time a dual-booting tablet came to our attention. A report from DigiTimes said the next major version of Android, which may be called Jellybean, contains a dual-boot option. This particular tablet may also turn out to be the fabled Nexus tablet that Asus is supposedly developing.

We’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on what Asus has planned.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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