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Maxreality releases a new platform puzzler called Rainbow Team

A rather interesting platform puzzler has arrived onto the Google Play store from Maxreality called Rainbow Team. Yes, there is plenty of color in this game suitable for any rainbow. However, you will be guiding a team of characters, each their own color, to complete each stage.

Completing each stage consists of guiding these colorful characters to the end points, each one taking their own, all the while avoiding traps in each stage to actually safely get to the end points. Once all the characters reach the end point you progress onto the next stage.

While the visuals may seem a bit cutesy, the game itself can get fairly challenging as your progress through it. There are a total of 100 levels for your to guide your little characters safely through and there are hazards and traps that you’ll need to avoid as well.

If you are up for trying out something new when it comes to platform puzzlers then you might want to check out Rainbow Team. It comes in two flavors, a free lite version to try out and a full version for $0.99.

Google Play Link: Rainbow Team

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