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The MOGA is a complete gaming suite for Android with the controller and development tools

Yesterday a company called Power A announced a new gamepad for Android phones to use called the MOGA but aside from this little gadget being quite the good looking and very functional controller to use for Android gaming, it is also a complete suite for both developers and gamers to take advantage of.

There are plenty of gamepads out there that you can use with your Android phones but MOGA is pretty unique as it is almost a portable gaming system, at least in its styling. This controller comes with a spring loaded clasp so it can adjust to pretty much any size of Android phone. Then you connect to the gamepad via a bluetooth connection and you are pretty much set to go.

Aside from the fact it looks great visually, it is a true game controller giving you all the buttons and joysticks you could want. We called this a gaming suite earlier because that is sort of what it is. Coming with the MOGA is an application, called the Pivot App, that will round up and list all the games compatible with it so you don’t have to go hunting and try out games via trial and error. You’ll have them all listed nicely for you to peruse through.

Not to sound like an infomercial but wait, there’s more! If the game you play are already compatible with wireless controllers then you’ll be able to just jump right into the game and start playing. However, if you are a developer and your game(s) do not support controllers, Power A will be releases developer tools for your to use to quickly integrate the MOGA with your games.

Worried about there not being enough games to support the MOGA? Don’t be. They already have some serious weight behind this gadget from the likes of Gameloft, Mahcineworks Northwest, SEGA, Namco Bandi and more who are all getting MOGA compatible games ready for when it launches. This includes titles like Gameloft’s just released N.O.V.A. 3, Dungeon Hunter 3, Duke Nukem 3D, Sonic 4 Episode II and others.

So when will you be able to nab one of these? Well unfortunately there is no set released date just yet but it is expected to launch in time for the holiday season this year. They will also have a wireless gamepad coming out as well for tablets. No word just yet on pricing though.

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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