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E3 2012: Nintendo announces the Mii-verse Wii U feature with smartphone and tablet access

Nintendo’s next possibly big product is going to be the Wii U and along with it comes a new component called the Mii-verse. This is a social gaming features that you will not only be accessed through the Wii U but also through your smartphone or tablet. An interesting move from a company who has long stood against smartphone and tablet gaming.

This new feature will connect players through a revamped Mii Plaza as well as a messaging service. However this will not be an application at launch and most likely never will be. The reason that the Mii-verse will be accessible on smartphones and tablets is because most of the key features are browser-based. Since all smartphones and tablets now have full featured browsers, you’ll be able to use Mii-verse while on the go and away from your Wii U.

The above video, albeit just a horrible one, actually shows how it will all fit together and work, at least it shows off the messaging portion of it. If you have a few minutes, check it out.

Website Referenced: Joystiq

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