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Tasty Poison Games unleashes Pocket RPG onto the Xperia Play

Developed by Tasty Poison Games Pocket RPG is a 3D dungeon crawler RPG which has just been finally released onto Android. Unfortunately, it is only for the Xperia Play right now but this could very well be just a temporary exclusive for a short time period.

Pocket RPG is a unique dual-stick dungeon crawler where you will be fighting monsters and bosses while trying to find treasure. This is all done while trying to navigate through dungeons where you will be trying to collect jewels and gold. Both of those can then be put towards learning unique skills or for purchasing new and better equipment for your hero.

There are three classes to choose from: Blade Master, Dark Ranger and Battle Mage. Each one has their own advantages and weakness. However, it isn’t just about what level you are and your stats when it comes to battles. The items you have and how you use them also play a role in how you to in your fights. You can just out level everything.

For right now Xperia Play owners can go grab Pocket RPG off of the Google Play store for $1.99. No word yet on when Pocket RPG will be released for the rest of the Android world to enjoy. If you are worried about replay value, don’t be. Everything including loot and dungeon levels are randomly generated each time you play the game.

Google Play Link: Pocket RPG

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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