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E3 2012: Take-Two and 2K Play dropping five games onto mobile devices soon

While using the vague and generic term ‘mobile devices’, Take-Two and it’s casual games department 2K Play have announced that they will indeed be pushing into the mobile gaming realm with five releases. Considering the term ‘mobile devices’ is now generally referred to both Android and iOS, we should soon see all four games available for our phones and tablets.

All five games are of the more fun, casual variety of titles but are still going to be pretty top notch considering who they are coming from. The five games announced are as follows:

– Comedy Central’s Indecision Game: A US election tie-in that will test your knowledge and see whether the Democrats or the Republicans are smarter.
– Fiasco the Cat Starring in House Pest: Cat-based action arcade game in which you have to fix the mischievous cat’s messes before your nosey neighbor or manic mother-in-law arrives.
– GridBlock: The Puzzle Game You’ll Flip Over: You have to flip, tilt, slide and shake electro-blocks into place on the GridBlock board in this gravity and maze-based puzzler.
– Herd, Herd, Herd: Help Farmer Jed herd clucking chickens, panicky pigs, spunky sheep and crazy cows into their pens before time runs out.
– Carnival Games MiniGolf: Includes medieval, wild west and pirate-themed mini-golf courses.

All games will be available for both phones and tablets and should be arriving within the next few months. Will we see more hardcore action games coming from Take-Two in the future? Who knows but the fact they are getting into mobile is a good sign.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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