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E3 2012 attendees to get a special Mobble named Cuby

Just a quick note for those of you attending E3 2012 or happen to be close enough to the LA convention center to feel like you are attending it. Mobbles, that Pokemon / virtual pet location-based augmented reality game we talked about last week, has created a special Mobble named Cuby that you can capture and keep.

Cuby can only be captured at the L.A. convention center but once you capture him you will have a very special Mobble as part of your collection. All you have to do, if you have the Mobbles game installed, is go to the convention center and use the Mobble Radar to capture him.

To give him a bit more awesomness as well, Cuby will turn into a Breakout-like arcade cabinet every time you play with him. It is always neat to see what cool things developers do for E3.

Google Play Link: Mobbles

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