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E3 2012: Gameloft coming out strong this year but where is the Unreal Engine made game?

Gameloft has come out pretty strong at this year’s E3 show but there was an absence in the list of games and trailers that were announced. This absence was that of their currently unnamed first Unreal Engine based game. Their previous Unreal Engine game, March of Heroes, never made it out of demo status.

This moves the current unnamed game up the list as their first Unreal Engine built game but it is nowhere at E3 2012 or in their announcements. So what has happened to it? Well according to PocketGamer who got in touch with Gameloft, this unnamed game is still being developed but has undergone a major change in terms of gameplay mechanics and the overall direction that this title was originally going to take.

So now that E3 2012 is underway, this unnamed game was not available for showing in any sort of demo state due to all of these changes. However, Gameloft has mentioned that we should start to see information about this game start to trickle out a little later this year. On a side note, it turns out that Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation was actually not made with Unreal Engine 3 as was previously thought.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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