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E3 2012: OnLive is coming to LG’s Smart TVs with Google TV installed

OnLive has made a few announcements already this E3, most of which are pretty cool in their own right but really has no bearing on Android gaming. However, one announcement does and that is the fact that OnLive is partnering up with LG and their Smart TVs with Google TV installed.

This means that OnLive will be available natively on LG’s Smart TVs so you will be able to play 60+ games instantly without the need for a set-top box or PC connection. All you will need is the OnLive Universal Remote and you will be good to go. This version of OnLive will feature everything that you would find in any other version such as Facebook sharing, BragClips and all the other goodies that comes with OnLive.

Since everything is done via the Cloud, you’ll just need a decent internet connection to enjoy everything. Also, since these Smart TVs are 3D-capable, future select titles will also be able to take advantage of that technology for some actual 3D gaming.

No word on exactly all of this will happen although it appears that it will be when the next iteration of the Google TV OS rolls out.

Website Referenced: TechCrunch

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