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E3 2012: 26 gamers succeed in Qualcomm’s Guinness World Record attempt with tablet gaming

Just before E3 2012 started we reported on Qualcomm who were planning to take 50 Android tablet gamers who passed the qualifying round to E3 who would then attempt to set a Guinness World Records for the longest gaming marathon on a tablet. Well out of those fifty players, 26 of them managed to be successful in reaching their goal with one of them walking away with an extra $20,000 in their pocket.

Players were challenged to play for 26 hours on a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 tablet, playing a single game for the entire time. Each contestant got to choose one of these five games to play for 26 hours:

– GT Racing: Motor Academy (Gameloft)
– Virtua Tennis (Sega)
– Galaga: Special Edition (NAMCO Bandai)
– Fruit Ninja (Halfbrick)
– Blood & Glory (Glu)

Not sure if anyone could play Fruit Ninja or Galaga for 26 hours. After the attempt was over to set the record for longest gaming marathon on a tablet, the 26 remaining players got to have a little tournament for cash prizes along with a new tablet. The winners of that tournament:

First Prize: Efren Ballestamon -winner of $20,000 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab
Second Prize: Victor Gonzalez – winner of $15,000 and a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tab
Third Prize: Shaun Devault – winner of $7,000 and a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tab
Fourth Prize: Dustin Best – winner of $5,000 and a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tab
Fifth Prize: Kevin Marquez – winner of $3,000 and a Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tab

Congrats to all 26 gamers and Qualcomm who made it into the Guinness Book of World Records and also congrats to the five winners of the cash prizes and a new Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Android tablet. Welcome to the wonderful world of Android gaming!

Source: Qualcomm

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