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Microsoft continues supporting Android with their release of Kinectimals

To us it wasn’t a huge surprise to see the My Xbox Live application arrive on Android since we knew it was coming awhile back. However today’s little nugget of Microsoft weirdness comes in the form of a new release from them with their Kinectimals game.

Pretty much identical to the actual console Kincetimals game, this mobile version has you wandering around the island of Lemuria, running into a cub at which point you will play with them, care for them and generally treat them as your pet. If you actually own Kincetimals for the Xbox 360, this mobile version will allow you to unlock 5 new cubs that you can play and care for in the console version of the game.

This sort of cross-platform feature trend is going to keep continuing in the future where a mobile game will effect a PC or console game in one way or another. There are plenty of examples of it already including the recently released Mass Effect Infiltrator game.

Visually, Kinectimals is right up there with the console version, complete with all the animations. It really is impressive looking even for a virtual pet game. If you are ready to care for a cub while on the go, you can pick up Kinectimals off of the Google Play store for $2.99.

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Google Play Link: Kinectimals

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