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Tencent to bring their city building / PvP / RPG hybrid game Realm of Swords to mobile soon

Tencent, who just announced that they have acquired a minority stake in Epic Games, are gearing up to release their first western title onto mobile called Realm of Swords. This is another game that meshes together a few genres into one title. In this case it is city building, PvP and a little RPG thrown into the mix for good measure.

The first interesting little bit of information about this game is that it is actually made with Unity3D which is a bit ironic considering their recent acquisition. This game will be a free-to-play title where players will have to build up their cities and manage development and resources. On top of that though there is Player vs Player combat as well as RPG modes to play through. All of this will be through real-time online multiplayer gameplay.

As you may be guessing from the name, Realm of Swords will be a medieval / fantasy themed game in which you are trying to build up and unite a broken up kingdom after the king was assassinated. You’ll need to build up your city and army, collecting resources and researching technology for upgrades. Your armies will have plenty of different types of troops as well ranging from Archers and fighter all the way up to clerics and wizards.

Realm of Swords has an interesting balance of content between both single-player and multiplayer gameplay. In single player, you will have over 400 different quests and campaigns to go through when not having to build your city. There will also be other locations throughout the realm to explore. This includes dungeon crawling and raiding places like Dragon’s nests in order to level up troops and find some good loot.

When not wanting to play the single player gameplay, you can jump online and go toe-to-toe with other players around the world. Combat in either scenario is in the tactics style on a grid-based playing field. It is turn-based combat so you will be trading blow for blow whether it’s against a horde of goblins or your buddy from another city.

As of right now Realm of Swords is slated for release onto iOS in August while the Android version is set to follow shortly afterwards.

Developer Website: Tencent

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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