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Bloody Bunnies Quick Review – Cute but deadly bunnies!

Bloody Bunnies is a game released for Android and iOS that was developed by MentalWarp software If you love the Smash Bros series (like me) then you’ll love this game. Like Smash Bros, I can only describe this game as an arena-style fighting game but with cute, hyper-violent bunnies!

Name: Bloody Bunnies | Developer: Mentalwarp Games | Category: Arcade & Action | Players: Multiplayer | Version: 1.0 | Size: 38 MB | Price: Free |

Bloody Bunnies presents you with two options at the beginning of the game, Cute and Bloody, it’s pretty self-explanatory. The cute option makes the bunnies disappear when squished and the bloody option makes the bunnies explode with blood when squished by other players. Options in the main menu include play online, create game, options and OpenFeint for matchmaking.

There are four game modes for you to choose from. Carrot hunt, deathmatch, survival and custom. You need to buy the full version to access the custom mode. There also happens to be four different maps that are themed around the seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Each of these stages all have slight differences, Like leaves in the Fall stages or puddles in the Spring stages, but they all feel very similar.

Bloody Bunnies can be played with control arrows, a joystick or paired with a USB controller. The controls feel floaty, but they are designed like that so you can aim while jumping around.

Overall, Bloody Bunnies is an impressive game that is definitely worth the price of free and will provide a fun distraction.

Editor’s Note: We will be doing a lot more Quick Reviews so you can get a game review in a nice bite-sized portion. Don’t worry though, full sized reviews are still on the menu as well.

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