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Gamelion drops the price of Boom Beats to the low price of free

Gamelion has decided to lower the price of their rhythm themed game Boom Beats to a lower price. Actually it isn’t a sale or anything like that, they just decided to make the game free instead, permanently. If you have played other rhythm games on Android such as Cytus, you should be able to jump right into Boom Beats.

Boom Beats is pretty much your standard flashy looking rhythm-based game where you have to tap on the buttons in time with the music and when the buttons are near the top bar. One difference between this and a lot of other rhythm-based games is that every track in Boom Beats is in the form of various genres of Electronica.

Instead of mashing a ton of Top 40 singles into the game, Boom Beats comes with tracks from the following genres/sub-genres:

– Drum and Bass
– Dub Step
– Rave (guessing they mean various types of Techno and Trance music)
– Jungle
– House

You also have you standard star Power to use and earn extra bonuses and points when it activated. Other than that, it is pretty much your typical rhythm-based game but seems to be decently fun. Of course you can beat the price it is at now, being free and all.

Developer Website: Gamelion

Google Play Link: Boom Beats

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