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Zynga letting developers use their API, announces Zynga With Friends hub

Amidst the plethora of new ‘Ville’ and ‘With Friends’ titles announced during today’s press event, along with a rather impressive list of developers who have signed on to their new Partner Programs, Zynga has announced the availability of their API to third-party developers as well as Zynga With Friends, their new social and multiplayer cross-platform hub.

Third-party developers are now able to access the tools Zynga uses through their API, letting developers take advantage of the services Zynga uses and has built up over time along with their infrastructure according to Gamasutra. Good news if you are planning on making a free-to-play game at any point in the near future.

For gamers however there was one more interesting bit of information announced today during the press event which was Zynga With Friends. What this will be is a cross-platform social hub, centralizing all of the social features in their games across all platforms into one area. Adding on top of that there will be a live Social Stream, chats, and a new synchronous multiplayer which will allow you to challenge other players in a head-to-head match of a particular game you choose.

Both of these products will be available to all platforms (iOS, Android, Facebook, QQ, Zynga, etc etc) in the very near future.

Developer Website: Zynga

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