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Origin8 bringing some tractor farming puzzle fun to Android in Tractor Trails

Last time we check out with Origin8 Technologies, they surprised us with their really nice games Space Station: Frontier and Sentinel 3: Homeworld, set in a space environments where you had the always nice tower defender role. Well, now they’ve changed the topic just a little bit by releasing they’re new puzzle game Tractor Trails, which will surely hook fans of casual-puzzle games.

In Tractor Trails, you take the role of Red the Tractor, and being helped by Chuck, our always loyal chicken, it is your duty to plant seeds on every spot on the map in sight. That’s, just as expected, not so simple, since you can’t go back or stumble upon the trees you previously planted. Basically you can’t pass through the same spot twice. The game sums up with really nice graphics, as well as catchy sounds and some pretty cool effects.

You’ll also find some helpful tools along the way, as well as numerous dangers (water pond included!). So for the rather interesting price of Free, you’ll get in with some really nice puzzle action that will surely take a bunch of hours out of your boredom with its 130 levels that come included.

There are in-game purchases available in case you don’t want to wait to buy all the upgrades and goodies that you can but using the in-game currency (yeah, corns!) which you earn over time. So be sure to go ahead and give Origin8’s new approach a try. Time to get on the road everyone.

Google Play Link: Tractor Trails

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