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Sollmo to bring cross-platform co-op RPG called Operation CrossCounter to Android soon

Developers of the cross-platform MMORPG for mobile called Buddy Rush are gearing up to begin releasing a new cross-platform multiplayer game called Operation CrossCounter. Sollmo has actually just released this cross-platform co-op RPG onto iOS and both the Android and web-based versions of the game are also getting ready to drop soon.

This new title from Sollmo will have you and your friends fighting off hordes of invading robots in a real-time RPG combat game. All the visuals are fully rendered in 3D and everything is in real-time regardless of what platform you and your friends (or group members if you don’t know them) are playing on.

Operation CrossCounter Features:

– Real-time Cooperative Play: Partner with up to two other players or play alongside AI-controlled characters
– Explore Four Unique Worlds: Embark on hundreds of unique missions, ranging from ambush to defense missions – no two missions are alike, with different goals, maps and enemies
– Contingent Gameplay: Innovative “War Situation System” calculates every player’s mission results and adapts the gameworld accordingly
– Customize Your Fighter: Create an anime-style character with fully customizable appearances, skills and weapons that reflects your battle style
– Dynamic Weapons: Each weapon utilizes special skills and different attacks depending on user touches and taps

You will be grouping up with 2 other players and attempting to stop the invasion of evil robots called Guroken. If none of your friends are online, or you just don’t feel like partnering up with other people, you will get two computer controller group members instead. Each round will have missions to complete with each mission having multiple goals that need to be achieved in order to be successful. The missions are where this game gets pretty interesting and the best way to describe the “War Situation System” is actually how the developers describe it:

“Each mission is unique and may feature different goals, maps and enemies based on the game’s “War Situation System,” which analyzes each individual mission and bases future metagame events on the results for a unique experience every session.”

So far, as of today, the iOS version has just launched as a free download which could very well mean that there will be optional in-game purchases available. This isn’t a bad thing since the game is co-op play and not PvP where people who like to buy boosters will always have an advantage over people who don’t. The Android and web-based versions of Operation CrossCounter are due out in the very near future. Check out the trailer below to see the game in action.

Developer Website: Sollmo

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