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EA announces eight games now available for the Kindle Fire

A little piece of good news for you Kindle Fire owners out there in Android land. EA has announced that they have released eight of their games for the Kindle Fire. This multiple title release actually happened on June 13th, 2012 but EA was kind enough to send a rather late press release about the whole thing yesterday. Better late than never right?

All of these eight games are specifically designed for playing on the Kindle Fire and are all available right now for download. Here is the list of ‘new’ games for the Kindle Fire:

NBA Jam for $4.99

Pogo Games for free

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for $4.99

FIFA 12 for $4.99

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for $4.99

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for $4.99

Real Racing 2 for $6.99

Connect 4 for $2.99

All eight games have slowly been released onto the Amazon AppStore over the past 3 weeks so even though some of them have been on there for a bit now, you might not know that all of these games are now available.

Developer Website: EA

Amazon Market Link: Electronic Arts

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