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PSA: Malware found in repacked copies of Chainfire3D and SuperSU

A lot of people like to use Chainfire3D to get games that normally wouldn’t run on their Android device for whatever reason, usually due to particular devices or chipsets not being supported by the game. Well the developer of Chainfire3D and the SuperSU apps has issued a warning about repacked copies of both applications that are now floating around.

The warning is pretty straightforward, only download the official versions of Chainfire3D or SuperSU off of the Google Play store or from the developers XDA thread. The repacked versions floating around apparently contain malware that will infect your phone or tablet. Chainfire3D, SuperSU and Mobile ODIN are only available on Google Play, the official XDA Threads and ChainfireXDA’s server. If you see it anywhere else, it’s the repacked version.

As always whether it is a game or an application, users should always download the official versions from a legit marketplace (Amazon, Google Play, GetJar etc etc) and not from warez sites or torrents that offer up cracked or pirated copies. A lot of the time these copies contain things you don’t want to get on your Android device.

Website Referenced: ChainfireXDA Twitter

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