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Become King of the Hill – BugKing Game Review

I have always been fascinated by ants. They are quite remarkable creatures. When I saw this game, and that it involved ants and strategy, I decided to give it a try. Overall it is a fun game. The goal of BugKing is to dominate your fellow bugs in the field. You start off in a small hut, as do your opponents.

Name: BugKing | Developer: LeadersGame | Genre: Casual | Players: 1 | Version: 4.1 | Size: 4.1 MB | Price: Free & $1.62 |

To win, you need to take over their huts. To begin your attack, simply swipe toward the hut you wish to attack. Your warriors will come streaming out. As they leave the hut, more are created. How fast they are created depends on your level.

To dominate a hut you need to have the most warriors in it. Now your opponent is doing the same thing, so once you take over a hut you need to defend it and make sure you with stand their attacks.

BugKing is a fast-paced game and most levels can be done relatively quickly. The game comes with 48 levels, 3 unique army bases to choose from, 3 smart power ups that you can use to increase productivity and improve your stats and 3 modes of difficulty. You can choose to be ants, bees, or spiders. As you progress through the levels your production rates will increase as well as the ability to use the power ups.

The game has a nice tutorial to give you the basics. After you have done a level or two, you will understand what to do. The game also keeps up with your statistics so you can remember how many units you have lost and killed. Also on each level there are stars you can earn to mark your progress and skills.

The music and graphics are quite nice and fit the game well. The game has a free and paid version so there is no reason not to give it a try. The game is appropriate for all ages and very easy to pick and play. You have to be fast and pay attention though. I found that on a few levels, when I got stuck, I had to get my kids to help my ant colony survive!


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