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CatfishBlues Games gearing up to release the successor to their hit game Hyperlight

Back in May of last year we featured CatfishBlues Games’ Hyperlight as a Hidden Gem and now they are gearing up to release a successor called Hyperwave which, if you are a fan of the original game, should make you happy.

The use of the word successor when the developers are describing Hyperwave is an interesting one since that is what they are calling Hyperwave, instead of it being a sequel. If you enjoyed the look of Hyperlight then you will be happy to know that the same sort of style will arriving in Hyperwave when it lands on Android at the end of this Summer.

Other features to note is a new ‘spectacular’ power-up system, a bigger variety of weapons and even special assistant droids to help you along the way. Unfortunately we have no price tag right now for Hyperwave but that will change since it is due to release pretty soon. We will post an update when more details arrive.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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