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Minecraft: Pocket Edition update has finally arrived bringing Furnaces, Saplings and more

We knew it was coming and now it has finally arrived. Mojang has finally pushed out a new update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition which brings some new elements to the game included the addition of Furnaces and some of the blocks that come with it.

So along with Furnaces there is now every available block that can be gathers, crafted or smelted in the game. Another much requested feature is the inclusion of saplings. You can get saplings by using shears on leaf blocks on trees. Glass tiles and half blocks are also now accessible. Also the rumored Diamond, Gold and Iron ores are indeed available in Minecraft: Pocket Edition. This wasn’t 100% confirmed while we were waiting for the update to arrive but they are now available.

As with any update there were also some bug fixes such as less flickering/Z-fighting on some devices, mobs have correct health, fixed rendering of fence gate and half block in hand. Now that pretty much every block is available, there are no more unlimited blocks in Survival mode. This does mean, however, that iron, gold and diamond tools and weapons can now be crafted as well.

So while the update does bring a lot of much needed game elements to Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we are still left waiting for a few more to arrive such as Redstone, caves or creepers. While all of these blocks have been accessible through hex editing already, now you don’t have to worry about that. One last thing to note though is that this update has, as far as we can tell, only been pushed to the paid version.

Google Play Link: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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