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More details and a second trailer for Dark Knight Rises unveiled

Gameloft has revealed not only a second trailer but also more details about their upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie themed game for mobile. When this game launches, it will be the only game based off of the upcoming movie that will be released soon.

As we previously stated, Dark Knight Rises will be an open world game where you can freely explore Gotham all you want whether it is to do the main missions, side missions, or just feel like beating the crap out of criminals. The game will feature the full likeness of cast members from the movie such as Selina Kyle and Lucius Fox.

One unique feature that has been revealed is that their will be random events that take place within the game. Things like jailbreaks and bank robberies will all take place at random times which you will be responsible for stopping. Not only will you have all the gadgets that Batman tends to use, the combat system in Dark Knight Rises will be somewhat complex and feature cinematic animations at times.

Since this will be an open world game, free for you to explore, you will have a couple of vehicles to do exactly that with including the Batpod for street cruising or ‘The Bat’ of a more aerial journey. Dark Knight Rises is slated for release this month although no exact date has been given. For now though we get to enjoy the new trailer.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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