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More details about OUYA’s controller design and the unit’s overall size

If you haven’t gotten sick of hearing about OUYA yet, there is good news for you! We have more information about the hardware design thanks to a Q&A session going on over at Kotaku. One of the biggest surprises so far to come out of the Q&A session is the fact that the OUYA unit itself will be roughly the size of a rubic’s cube, making it a rather compact console.

Worried about the mobile touch controls a lot of games use? Well don’t be as the OUYA controller will come with a touch pad to handle those should a developer not want to support a controller with their game(s). The touch pad can also be integrated into future games as another aspect of control.

The controller includes a touch pad that will enable many of the interactions we have become accustomed to on mobile. I am excited to see what creative ways developers can utilize the new touch pad when designing games on Ouya – Yves Behar

There have been a lot of other questions asked and answered so definitely hit up the link below and head over to Kotaku if you want to learn more. So far a lot of it has had to do with the controller.

Website Referenced: Kotaku

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