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Amazon rumored to have six new tablets in the works including a 10″ model

A couple of weeks ago we talked about Amazon who not only apparently has an Android phone in the works but a few new tablets as well. As it turns out, Amazon is rumored to have up to six new models of Android tablets gearing up for release including a 10″ model.

According to a statement to Reuters by Staples President, Demos Parneros, Amazon has a lot more models of their upcoming Kindle Fire tablets (being dubbed the Kindle Fire 2) that are being prepped for release in the near future. Each of these won’t be radically different from each other for the most part though. It will more likely be slight variants of each other like one being a Wifi model while another could be a 3G/4G model. Another could have 16GB of storage while one could have 32GB.

However at least one tablet will be fairly different from the rest and that is the rumored 10″ Android tablet that will be making its way to market. There is also speculation of an 8.9″ tablet which we reported on in our previous article a couple of weeks ago. Other then that though we don’t have a whole lot of details about the hardware that will come with these tablets or what OS version they will be running. Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) will more than likely be the version.

It certainly looks like Amazon wants to be the dominate force in the mobile arena when it comes to tablets. It’ll be interesting to see what hardware these tablets will be packing and if Amazon is going to be able to keep them at a low price point like the original Kindle Fire managed to do.

Website Referenced: VentureBeat

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