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Gameloft and Mattel announce cross-platform multiplayer Uno & Friends, coming to Android later this year

Gameloft and Mattel are teaming up once again in regards to the popular card game Uno. This time, however, it will come in the form of a new game called Uno & Friends and as you may be guessing, this new title will come with multiplayer, allowing you to play with your friends.

Uno & Friends will be coming to a variety of platforms, not just Android and iOS. In fact you will be able to play your friends with cross-platform multiplayer on Android and iOS (both phones and tablets), Facebook, Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita.

Multiplayer will consist of being able to challenge up to three additional players in a game of Uno in real-time, regardless of what platform they happen to be playing on. So you could be on your Android tablet while two friends are on Facebook and another is on the PS Vita, all playing the same game against each other. You will also be able to interact with the people you are playing against using either voice or text chat modes.

As of right now there is no official release date for when Uno & Friends will arrive. We only know that it will be made available later this year for Android, iOS and Facebook players. The nintendo 3DS and PS Vita versions will be made available in the Spring of 2013. You can check out the full press release below for any additional details.

Developer Website: Gameloft


UNO® & Friends


Paris, July 23, 2012 – After the resounding success of its first digital version of UNO®, Gameloft, a leading publisher of digital and social games, and Mattel are teaming up once again to launch the next iteration of the popular card game, UNO® & Friends. Debuting on iOS and Android smartphones tablets, Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita portable consoles, as well as Facebook, UNO® & Friends brings engaging multiplatform  play to UNO® fans whenever, wherever they are.   This fun and innovative new title will bring together players from around the world, proposing brand new social and multiplayer features.

Since its launch in 2008 on various digital platforms including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and consoles, UNO® has become one of Gameloft’s most popular franchises with over 63 million downloads. The latest iteration is set to please fans the world over by revolutionizing how you play UNO®.

Thanks to new multiplayer functions, UNO® & Friends will allow players to connect with each other whether they play on smartphones, tablets or Facebook. Additionally, users will also enjoy having the ability to challenge up to 3 other players in real time, while interacting using the Voice and Text chat modes as well.

“UNO® is a world-renowned brand, and Gameloft is thrilled to be working with such a respected company as is Mattel on this ambitious project,” says Gonzague de Vallois, Senior Vice President of Publishing at Gameloft. “As our goal is to revolutionize the way people play UNO® this new game and its new social features will be at the heart of UNO® & Friends.”

“UNO® truly is the game for everyone and partnering with Gameloft creates greater accessibility to fans on the platforms they engage with most,” said Nick Karamanos, Vice President, Marketing, Mattel Games. “UNO® & Friends offers our fans new and exciting ways to play, bringing friends and family together in town or across the globe.”

UNO® & Friends will be available later this year on Android and iOS smartphones, mobile phones and Facebook. Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita users will also be able to download UNO® & Friends the following spring, 2013.

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