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DroidGamers News: A quick peek at our upcoming redesign

Alright well maybe the title isn’t entirely true since you won’t be seeing a quick peek at what the site redesign will look like but you will get to see what our new logo will be. That might give you an idea where we are going with the redesign. Some of you who follow us on Google+ may have already seem the logo.

We are going to go for a more magazine look but a bit more bold in terms of looks. We have always been happy with the fact that we don’t follow the usual format of news sites and stick with our unique look so we won’t be changing that aspect. Check out the new logo below, which is now permanently on my arm, and you can probably see what we mean by bolder.

Other than that, we have the redesign which we hope to launch in the next few weeks at the latest along with a few new features for everyone to enjoy. We have talked about them in the past but we are ready now to go full steam ahead with things like TwitchTV shows and so on. I’m sure most everyone can agree that it is about time we freshen things up around here.

You can thank Chris Gagnon from 3 Lions Tattoo at the Riviera Hotel as well as Fox and Hound Tattoo at the Stratosphere Hotel here in Las Vegas for the new logo design. It is pretty bad ass and it is a perfect way to celebrate the new redesign of the site and the direction we are going in. If you are going to be here in Vegas for CES 2012 or any other event and want to get inked, check them out. I’ll come by and slap your finished tattoo when you’re done getting it.

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