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Limbo-esque puzzle platformer LAD gets a new preview video

One of the games heading our way that we are looking forward to is a Limbo style platformer called LAD which we talked about back in the later part of May 2012. Black Chair Games has decided to release another preview video in order to show of LAD just a little bit more while we wait for its release.

For those of you who missed our last post about LAD, this is an indie game similar in style to Limbo including the black, white and grey tone visuals. You will be in control of a little boy, leading him through the dark and gloomy world while trying to avoid obstacles and solving the puzzles in each stage. There will be items like blocks to push while having to avoid giant spiked balls and other hazards. There is also a white silhouetted character, since you are the black silhouette, who’s purpose is unknown at this time.

The above new preview video shows a bit more of the gameplay but, just like the game itself, the video is rather gloomy and lonely feeling as well. Unfortunately there is no release date for LAD, only that it is coming soon still.

Developer Website: Black Chair Games

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