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Race in a square 3D world with Velox Reloaded Premium

We have good news for all of you fans of fun, fast paced racing games. Galakau, the development company behind some rather known racing games such as Smooth 3D, Velox 3D and some other, let’s say “interesting” apps such as the Boob Lab, have released their next installment in their stunt style racing series called Velox Reloaded Premium.

In Velox Reloaded, the main purpose is to race against lots of opponents, across a series of beautifully designed tracks. The game will have you jumping through ramps, racing over turbo boost power-ups and avoiding obstacles all over the included 18 tracks. You can control your ride by tilting your device left or right and touching the screen to break.

The game features 3D graphics treated with effects of shadowing and a pretty realistic physics engine. It might, in fact, remind you of the famous tube-racing game SpeedX, but it’s definitely a different piece of art since each track is designed to be both unique and harder than the last one. Also you are not racing in a tunnel like in SpeedX.

Aside from the great graphics and a soundtrack that makes you wanna go faster, there is low-end device optimization for those of you who do not own a high-end Android device. You can get Velox Reloaded Premium on Google Play, currently priced at $1.99.

Developer Website: Galakau

Google Play Link: Velox Reloaded Premium

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