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Be an elite ninja who paints in a new action puzzle game called Ninja Painter

A new action puzzle game has arrived on Google Play that will have you playing as an elite ninja who can paint pretty damn good. Developed by Fizzic’s Games and based off of the original Flash game, Ninja Painter will have you painting walls frantically.

Ninja Painter is a fast-paced action puzzle game where you have to paint the walls in each level. Obviously it isn’t as easy as just running around splashing paint everywhere, you will need to use swipe gestures to move your ninja around each stage. You’ll have to pick up the appropriate colored paint along the way and making sure to cover each colored spot with the appropriate color. Doing so will unlock the exit which you can then move your ninja to in order to progress to the next stage.

Ninja Painter Features:

– 45 levels
– 3 locations
– Different puzzles
– Pretty graphics
– Achievements

Each level also has three gold star you can try to pick up although doing so might end up making things more difficult for you in your quest to properly paint everything and getting to the exit. Levels also get progressively more difficult as you get further into the game.

If you are looking for a new puzzle game to get into then you might want to check this one out. Ninja Painter is available in a free ad supported version as well as a paid version which will set you back $0.99. Regardless of which version you pick, both are the full game.

Developer Website: Fizzic’s Games

Google Play Link: Ninja Painter

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