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Madfinger Games to reward those who purchased Dead Trigger before it went free

One of the biggest issues surrounding the release of Dead Trigger was the fact that it was $0.99 but came with in-game purchases. It wasn’t so much the fact that it came with the in-game purchase but more that it wasn’t mentioned in the description. Shortly after that, Dead Trigger went free due to a high piracy rate, angering people who paid the original $0.99 for it.

There was a lot of talk about all of this, even to the point where people were suggesting this was a deliberate plan by Madfinger Games, switching from $0.99 to free. That is a bit much considering no one in their right mind would deliberately piss off their fan base. However, all is not lost for those who paid the $0.99 original price.

After fixing the controls for the game and pushing out the update for that yesterday, along with other fixes, Madfinger Games is now working on exclusive content which will be available for those people who paid the original $0.99 when Dead Trigger was released. This new exclusive content will arrive in the next update and will only be available for those people who paid the $0.99. Late adopters to the game who picked it up for free will not have access to it.

No word on when the update will roll out but considering how fast Madfinger Games have been releasing updates so far, it shouldn’t be much of a wait. When more details are released about what content will arrive, we will be sure to let everyone know.

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