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Atomic Turtle Studio release their first game onto Android called Drip

One thing you have to love about the gaming industry and new indie games development studios are the names they come up with to call themselves. On top of that, usually these studios end up producing rather unique games and Drip from Atomic Turtle Studios is no exception to this rule.

Drip is an interesting accelerometer controlled game where you play as Guti, a drop of water with big dreams who ends up getting flushed down into the sewers in some sick twist of fate. At least in the world of living drops of water it is a sick twist of fate. Your goal is to help Guti reach the stars which you will do through 75 different levels by racing him through pipes as fast as possible.

Drip Features:

• 75 levels with increasing difficulties (16 on lite version)
• 5 amazing universes
• an original gameplay
• rich 3D graphics
• 4 different machines that make it changes shape
• 20 achievements to unlock
• 5 secret objects to find

The 75 levels Drip comes with are spread across five different world, all of which you will have to race through as quickly as possible in order to fulfill Guti’s dream of getting to the stars. Since you are a drop of water, you have the ability to change shape as well which is accomplished using four different machines: The “Wind Machine” will give you a huge speed boost, The “Bubble Machine” will slow you down for a bit, The “Freeze Machine” will increase the size of Guti, and The “Steam Machine” will make you evaporate faster.

Drip comes in two flavors on the Google Play store, a free lite version where you can try out 16 levels and a full version which comes with everything and costs $0.99. Definitely something different for you to try out if you happen to be looking for something new to play.

Developer Website: Atomic Turtle Studio

Google Play Link: Drip

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