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Rovio unveils new pink female bird coming to Angry Birds Seasons

Last week we talked about Rovio teasing a new female character that would be making its appearance in the Angry Birds franchise. We guessed it would be a bird, mostly due to the fact Rovio has really never teased a new pig character ever. Well now it is official, there will be a new pink bird and she will be arriving in soon first in Angry Birds Seasons.

Along with revealing this on Twitter, Rovio also released a video to introduce everyone to this new angry bird which shows her blowing bubbles. In fact the whole bubble thing is heavily emphasized in the video although we don’t know just yet if blowing bubbles will be her unique power, if she floats like a bubble or if that just happens to be some cute thing they decided to add in the video.

As you can see in the video above, it also references going back to school which could mean that the update in which this new pink female bird will arrive in should be pushed out onto Android sometime around students go back to school. As more information is released, we will be sure to update all you Angry Birds fans out there.

Website Referenced: Rovio Twitter

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