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EA may make the new Windows the central platform for their mobile games

In a move that will surely disappoint a fair amount of mobile gamers while others will probably be just fine if this goes through, Electronic Arts is currently in talks with Microsoft regarding the next Windows OS for mobile and that EA could very well make that their central platform for their mobile gaming strategy.

This move must be due to the fact that the current Windows OS for mobile has been so mind boggling successful, oh wait, it wasn’t. So why the possible move to Windows? During a phone interview, COO of Electronic Arts, Peter Moore, tries to elaborate on the matter:

“We’re working very closely with Microsoft to understand what their views on gaming navigation are. Anything that allows more platforms to be adopted quickly that have a gaming element is good for Electronic Arts.” – COO of Electronic Arts, Peter Moore

Basically Microsoft is trying whatever they can muster up to bring developers over to Windows for the upcoming Windows 8 version for mobile which is slated for release later this year. As it stands right now, in the second quarter of this year, Windows mobile counted for a mere 3.5% of mobile OS usage.

Right now Electronic Arts is gearing up to show off a few new games at this week’s Gamecom in Germany including a new SimCity, a new FIFA soccer title, Medal of Honor, and a new Need for Speed game. Does this mean Android and iOS gamers will be left out in the dark for new game releases, aside from the upcoming Real Racing 3, when EA gets ready to launch them? We doubt it but we could end up seeing Windows 8 getting them first before anyone else if these talks go through.

Website Referenced: Bloomberg

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