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Epic Meal Time now on sale for 50% off to celebrate Shart Week

Every day next week Epic Meal Time will be releasing a video each day with a ‘shart-inducing’ meal which is part of their special Shart Week. To celebrate this Shart event, Epic Meal Time is on sale for 50% off this week only (Monday to Friday).

The Epic Meal Time has you flinging food at the Sauce Boss as well as dressing him up in a variety of ways. He also has power-ups to help him gobble up all that food flying at his face. Watch out for the vegetables though as eating too many of those is not a good thing and will result in game over.

For this week only, you can now grab a copy of Epic Meal Time for $0.99 (although it is showing up for us as $1.00) instead of the usual $1.99 price tag. So while we wait for Shart Week to start, you can grab a copy of Epic Meal Time and enjoy some unhealthy food in the meantime.

Developer Website: Molecube

Google Play Link: Epic Meal Time

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