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Megatroid Review – A Decent Platformer Let Down By Repetitive Gameplay

Triolith Entertainment are not really newcomers to the Android gaming scene, with two titles to their name before this. Megatroid is the third game from the Swedish-based developers to hit Google Play. As a platforming game, how does Megatroid fare? Read on to find out.

Name: Megatroid | Developer: Triolith Entertainment | Category: Platformer | Players: 1 | Version: 1.05 | Size: 20 MB | Price: Free |


Megatroid has all the hallmarks of a typical platformer. You have to shoot the bad guys, evade obstacles marked in red strewn around the levels, and have a good hold of the controls as one wrong jump for example can result in a lost life. The games mechanics are actually flawless and enjoyable.

Megatroid sets itself apart from other platformers in one way – every single level is randomly generated by random strings of alphabets, numbers or characters. In theory, this means an infinite number of level designs, but in reality the sections that make up each level are frequently repeated so it’s nothing great really after all.

In the game, you play as Hali, and your duty is to free the galaxy from the grasp of the bad guys. You are accompanied by an annoying little robot (just wait till you read the conversation between the two) that acts as your sidekick. Your goal in the game is to collect data cores, after which you will be able to fight the bosses and free sectors controlled by the bad guys. By the looks of it, you can continue playing Megatroid indefinitely as I don’t think it has an ending.

Graphics & Sound

Megatroid features vibrant space-themed graphics rendered in 3D art. On the whole, the graphics are good. There are some nice touches as well such as smoke and lighting effects. However, one problem is that the game is set in the same surroundings all throughout, so after some time you might get bored of seeing the same thing over and over again. Audio wise, game’s soundtrack is pretty neat. It’s mainly old-school 8-bit soundtrack that many would easily warm up to.


The game has a simplified control scheme. There’s the left, right, jump and shoot buttons. You can also wall-hang by jumping towards a wall. Things generally work well in this aspect of the game. However, there have been occasions where it wouldn’t register my jump when I am moving at the same time, and this has cost me a few lives. The game also has a slightly different control scheme for phones and tablets to better suit each kind of device.

In-App Purchases & Upgrades

Being a free game, it would be no brainer that Megatroid contains IAPs. But I’m glad to say that the game’s freemium nature isn’t a blemish, and as such the IAPs are totally optional and do not hinder you from having a good gaming experience. There is a secondary currency called “Spacebucks”, but that’s merely to get boosters or weapons to find your way through easily.

As the game progresses and enemies get stronger and tougher to kill, better weapons and armors are unlocked. The weapons choices are aplenty. The good thing is that the game is finely balanced, in that as things go on, the amount of credits you are able to collect in-game increases proportionally to the increase in the price of upgrades.


Megatroid is one of the few games that nails the freemium / free-to-play concept without sucking the fun out of it. The controls are fine, the graphics impressive, and the game mechanics fun and finely tuned. However, I must say that the game is repetitive. The developer’s claim of infinite levels, while true, is mostly a gimmick. Repetitiveness and a lack of variety and depth aside, Megatroid is a solid platformer that deserves your attention.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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